Miraval Resort: an amazing wellness experience!

When I launched Blissful Getaways, I had visions of exploring wellness resorts around the world and arranging fantastic getaways for my clients to experience them. Once COVID hit, I realized that most people would want to travel local, so I started exploring drivable resorts that I hadn’t visited yet. I quickly discovered that world famous Miraval Resort opened a new location in July in Lenox, MA (deep in the heart of the Berkshires) so I chose them for a 2-day visit. Miraval Lenox joins their flagship property of the past 25 years in Tucson, Arizona as well as their resort in Austin, TX.

Now some of you might be thinking: how did you get comfortable staying at a resort during Covid? It was really simple. Even before Covid hit, Miraval had already been working with the leading health and hospitality sanitation advisory boards to ensure that they are surpassing the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. And they amped up their cleanliness protocols during Covid by having specialists continually inspect the property to ensure that it is living up to the standards. These are the people who walk around as inspectors in white lab coats. I felt completely during my stay there as everyone wore masks, people were all socially distanced during dining and experiences, and the place was spotless. It was the perfect resort to clear my head during Covid!

I’ve been to wellness resorts and spas around the world and I will tell you that after 2 days at Miraval, it became quite clear that they are a leader in wellness, as well as food, wine and customer service. The staff was super friendly and helpful too! Miraval spent a ton of money to build a state-of-the-art luxury hideaway and it shows. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Miraval, they offer many types of wellness/longevity experiences, so I’ll let you in on how I spent my time there. I checked into a lovely room with a gorgeous balcony overlooking the Berkshires and then ventured to the dining area: a beautiful garden area next to the outdoor pool that was filled with breathtaking flowers and Monarch butterflies. The food was simply outstanding-food you would expect at a gourmet restaurant. For example, one dinner consisted of delicious East Coast oysters with cucumber lime relish, followed by an heirloom tomato salad and goat cheese from a local farm, and Skuna Bay salmon (Vancouver Island) with leeks and a vine ripened tomato sauce. The menus are smaller portions so you can nosh on different menu items! There is something for everyone, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian and nut free options. There’s also a lovely café that serves coffee, tea, chocolates, and delightful nibbles. Unlike some wellness resorts, there is also a full bar with some very intriguing, luscious wines to enjoy during cocktail hour, dinner and dessert.

In terms of experiences, I chose mindfulness/meditation, Qigong, and mindful lifestyle transformation. The weather was in the 70s so all the classes were held outside and limited to 6-8 people so everyone could socially distance. Will Boyce, a certified Qigong teacher, mindfulness coach, and yoga teacher with over 22 year’s experience, facilitated the meditation. I haven’t done much meditation in my life, but after sitting through Will’s session, I’m now meditating for 15 minutes every day using the Brightmind app. Will also led the Qigong session and it was fabulous. For me, it was all about a real clarity of mind and was amazingly calming-very easy to latch on to! I also picked up a few tips about creating meaningful changes from the mindful lifestyle transformation experience led by Annie Kay. It was very interesting for Annie to share that once a person has a vision in their minds eye of what they want to accomplish, and then write it down as a specific intention, followed by several verbal affirmations, they can do just about anything. Annie is well credentialed in lifestyle changes as she has been a dietician and nutritionist for over 25 years and is also certified in yoga and herbalism. As you can tell from Will and Annie’s credentials, Miraval only hires the best of the best to interact with their guests to teach them wellness/longevity secrets!

I didn’t have a chance to get any spa treatments this time around (but I’ll be back!), however I did thoroughly check out the spa and it is modern and gorgeous and has a beautiful relaxation room too. They have just about any spa treatment imaginable and I can’t wait to go back to experience a few. The other experience that I’m going to leave room for the next time at Miraval is their world renowned, one of a kind, equine program. They have rescue horses and you have the opportunity to connect with them in various settings such as mindfulness, painting, and learning about them. People rave about the insights that they have gained about themselves from experiencing some of these activities and the equine program is the most popular experience at Miraval.

In addition to the experiences that I chose, there are wellness/longevity options for everyone at Miraval-including the following:

Nutrition: nutrition for aging well, plant-based nutrition, cooking demos

Movement: Golf, hiking, biking, ropes courses, archery, kayaking, paddle boarding

A life with purpose: Equine program, mindfulness, energy work

Healthy sleep: Soothing spa treatments, meditation, all kinds of exercise classes

Spiritual: Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Qigong, a walk through the woods

Healthy rituals: All kinds of yoga (even floating from a hammock-sign me up!)

Miraval-a world class, wellness/longevity resort, just 2 hours from Boston-a real no brainer!

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