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Sample Itinerary

We will collaborate with you to develop a personalized itinerary. You will gain insight and embrace the secrets of people who have lived to 100 years old and beyond.

Our program consists of six lifestyle components:

I. Current Lifestyle Assessment: How well are you positioned for longevity?

II. Longevity Nutrition and Cooking

III. Movement & Mobility Assessment and Movement Plan

IV. Social Lifestyle & Well-Being

V. Sanctuary Time

VI. Spiritual Rituals

Current Lifestyle Assessment

This is performed by Wellness Specialists including Physicians, Nutritionists, and Exercise physiologists.

It includes physical, muscular-skeletal, behavioral, nutritional, goals and challenges.

Fresh Cooking

Longevity Nutrition & Cooking

Specific foods, drinks and herbs embraced by people with excellent longevity.

  • Nutrition for aging well

  • Mindful eating

  • Plant based cooking

Movement & Mobility

Physical movement plan that is aligned with your goals and challenges.

Group Stretching
Tour Bus

Social Lifestyle & Well-Being

Keeping your mind young and engaged through activities, value and family connections.


Finding and keeping purpose in your life.

Sanctuary Time

Sleep assessment and sleeping plan for more restful calm.

Mindfulness practice and plan.

Relaxing Massage
Religious Rite

Spiritual Rituals

Meditation for greater restoration and tranquility.

Qi Gong to relieve stress and restore balance.

Yoga to improve concentration, circulation, concentration and calm.

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