Jungle Mountain View

Sample Itinerary

Some journeys consists of a blending of these five lifestyle choices, but what you want in your journey is up to you-anything's possible!

I. Do you want to learn something new on your getaway?

II. Is nutrition and cooking your passion?

III. Is it time for a yoga retreat?

IV. Would you like to learn about meditation and mindfulness?

V. Do you just want to sit on a beach and chill?

Current Lifestyle Assessment

What physical, nutritional, movement, sleep, mindfulness, or travel changes do you want to make?

Fresh Cooking

Longevity Nutrition & Cooking

Specific foods, drinks and herbs embraced by people with excellent longevity.

  • Nutrition for aging well

  • Plant based cooking

Movement & Mobility

How much do you move every day? For how many minutes? What type of movement?


Let's getaway and do some yoga, Tai Chi, dancing

Group Stretching
Tour Bus

Social Lifestyle & Well-Being

Keeping your mind young and engaged through activities and family connections.


Finding and keeping purpose in your life.

Sanctuary Time

Sleep assessment and sleeping plan for more restful calm.




Tai Chi

Relaxing Massage